What To Do Now? ~ Quote

And what do I do now, she thought.

After a lifetime of walking by your side and matching your steps,

I realise that wasn’t the path I wanted to take.

~Honesty Warrior

Do We Ever Run Out Of Tears? ~ Quote


“Do we ever, actually, run out of tears?”

~original image quote inspired by the incredibly brave women of psychopathfree.com who do indeed despite initial fears, stop crying, stand up strongly, and move on truimphantly.


Finality Has Arrived ~ Poetry Quote

Finality has arrived.

Without warning it hits,

A tidal wave of tears for half a lifetime wasted.

Why do the smallest reminders bring the deepest sadness?

How can your pride be more important than half our lives?

©2016 itstimetogethonest 

I Fell For Your Facade ~ Quote


“I Fell For Your Facade. I guess I was a fool, but only for a while. Last words do matter.”

©2016 itstimetogethonest

I Fell For Your Facade ~ Quote


Landscape Of My Mind ~ Quote

“Your presence in my life was like the destruction of a tornado on the landscape of my mind.”

~ itstimetogethonest

You Weren’t Exceptional ~ Quote


“By the time you started demanding to be exceptional you had already lost precedent.”


I Remembered To Say Goodbye ~ Quote


Thank God, I remembered how to say good-bye.”


A Life Of Lies ~ Quote


“How can someone who lives a life of lies be so bad at it?”