What Do You Need?


“What do you need most right now?” Then go and do that!

Who Are You?


In one sentence, who are you?

At Night The Angels Whisper ~ Quote


“It’s okay to cry for yourself at night.

That’s when the angels can hear, and they will whisper in your ear,

We Love You.”¬†

(c) Amanda Ricks via itstimetogethonest.com

Cherish Yourself ~ Quote

“Cherish every delightful, rumpled part of yourself!”

Finding Yourself ~ Quote

Finding Yourself:  

That brilliant life-changing reward after feeling lost.

Give Yourself Permission ~ Quote


“What are you waiting for?

It’s your life, give yourself permission!”

Landscape Of My Mind ~ Quote

“Your presence in my life was like the destruction of a tornado on the landscape of my mind.”

~ itstimetogethonest

Brighter Days ~ Quote

“I’m on my way to brighter days.”¬†