Give Yourself Permission ~ Quote

“What are you waiting for?

It’s your life, give yourself permission!”

I Fell For Your Facade ~ Quote

You Are Who You Are ~ Quote

“You are who you are with the strengths and passions that you have.

Love the sum of all of them.’

©2016its time to get honest

Brighter Days ~ Quote

“I’m on my way to brighter days.” 

Go For It ~ Quote

Always celebrate that first step

“The Start”

Even if you needed to read that

“Go For It”

quote one thousand times before you could

“Go For It.”


Somewhere Else ~ Quote

“If you want to be somewhere else just turn the steering wheel slightly and in time you’ll end up in a whole different place.”

~ ©2015It’stimetogethonest

Then, Just Go For It! ~ Quote

“Simply remove all of the “but(s)” from your dreams,

then you can just go for it!”