What Are You Waiting For?


What are you waiting for? It’s your life, give yourself permission.

~ An Original Image Quote


Do We Ever Run Out Of Tears? ~ Quote


“Do we ever, actually, run out of tears?”

~original image quote inspired by the incredibly brave women of psychopathfree.com who do indeed despite initial fears, stop crying, stand up strongly, and move on truimphantly.


Everyday Is A Special day ~ Quote

Everyday Is A Special Day

©2016 itstimetogethonest

Finality Has Arrived ~ Poetry Quote

Finality has arrived.

Without warning it hits,

A tidal wave of tears for half a lifetime wasted.

Why do the smallest reminders bring the deepest sadness?

How can your pride be more important than half our lives?

©2016 itstimetogethonest 

Gratitude ~ Quote

Gratitude: A Single Word. A Lifetime Exemplified. ©itstimetogethonest2016 

I Fell For Your Facade ~ Quote


“I Fell For Your Facade. I guess I was a fool, but only for a while. Last words do matter.”

©2016 itstimetogethonest

Who Are You Grateful For?


What Do You Need?


“What do you need most right now?” Then go and do that!

Who Are You?


In one sentence, who are you?

At Night The Angels Whisper ~ Quote


“It’s okay to cry for yourself at night.

That’s when the angels can hear, and they will whisper in your ear,

We Love You.” 

(c) Amanda Ricks via itstimetogethonest.com