At Night The Angels Whisper ~ Quote

“It’s okay to cry for yourself at night.

That’s when the angels can hear, and they will whisper in your ear,

We Love You.” 

(c) Amanda Ricks via

Cherish Yourself ~ Quote

“Cherish every delightful, rumpled part of yourself!”

Finding Yourself ~ Quote

Finding Yourself:  

That brilliant life-changing reward after feeling lost.

Give Yourself Permission ~ Quote

“What are you waiting for?

It’s your life, give yourself permission!”

I Fell For Your Facade ~ Quote

Landscape Of My Mind ~ Quote

“Your presence in my life was like the destruction of a tornado on the landscape of my mind.”

~ itstimetogethonest

She’s Beautiful ~ Quote

Every woman is beautiful.”

You Weren’t Exceptional ~ Quote

“By the time you started demanding to be exceptional you had already lost precedent.”


You Are Who You Are ~ Quote

“You are who you are with the strengths and passions that you have.

Love the sum of all of them.’

©2016its time to get honest

Brighter Days ~ Quote

“I’m on my way to brighter days.”