The World By The Balls

“Act as if you have the world by the balls and you’ll be amazed at the results!”

~ published by permission via HonestyWarrior

And, I’m Yours

“Quietly, gently, walk up behind me, kiss me on the neck, and I’m yours.”

A Life Of Lies

“How can someone who lives a life of lies be so bad at it?”

I Wanted Better

“I didn’t want more, I wanted better.”

At First

And to think, at first, I almost thought this could be love.”

The Power Outfit

Every woman must have “a power outfit,”

The outfit that:

Blows away bad hair days, trumps all first time at anything days,

obliterates arriving late for anything days, and perfects

I just want to “Kick Ass” days.


The Trifling Of Your Words

“The feathery touch of your hand alludes to the trifling of your words.”